Kitchen Chimney

Let’s clear the air about keeping your kitchen walls free from oil stains. A chimney to a kitchen is what salt is to food. At Aryan Homes, there are wide range of chimneys and hoods. You can choose from auto-clean and suction chimneys that are available for all budgets and kitchen sizes. If you want one that goes well with kitchen, there are different styles available. So you not only get rid of fumes, smoke, odours and heat but also make your kitchen look glamorous.


A wall-mounted chimney is fitted against the wall. The cooking appliance generally lays adjacent to the wall on the counter. It is best suited for a compact kitchen.


Originally created for island kitchens, this chimney is placed right in the middle and requires the ductwork to be done from the ceiling. It is advisable to buy island chimneys that are of a minimum six inches wider than your cooking appliance since there are no wall cabinets to funnel the fumes. Higher the ceiling, bigger should be the hood


The chimney is placed directly below the wall-unit. It saves space and looks compact.