Kitchen Accessorise

The kitchen is the heart of every home, from where nourishment and energy radiate, and where the soul is replenished. No wonder then, that a lot of emotion and attention is invested in it. We help you put together that perfect space in your home. Whether compact or spacious, functional or fully-loaded, we have solutions for all spaces and wallets of all sizes. Saving time and maximizing space, the modular fittings are a godsend for today’s busy lives.

Our range includes baskets, corner solutions, pullout railing system, rack solutions, glovery pullout and magic carousel, shelving solutions, kitchen storage units, pole units, below-the-shelves and above-the-shelves. The fittings are made from sturdy, powder-coated, rust-free steel to ensure durability and elegance. The baskets are available in an extensive variety such as pullout basket, cutlery basket, full plate/thali basket, plain and partition basket, bottle basket, cup and saucer basket and under-sink basket.

Among corner units, the options are magic carousel, logic corner and carousel unit, while pullouts are of several types such as glovery pullout, grain trolley pullout, bottle organizer pullout, side-mounting pullout and detergent pullout. Pantry units are also available in various sizes. We also offer an exclusive assortment of purpose baskets such as adjustable wire cutlery baskets, glass baskets, fruit/vegetable basket, cutlery acrylic basket, perforated cutlery basket and PVC acrylic cutlery basket. Hanging railing systems are yet another modern storage solutions we offer. We recommend use of hydraulics instead of hinges to ensure feather-touch operation and durability.

We also carry a wide range of cook tops. Two-burner, three-burner and four-burner tops cater to families of all sizes. Apart from conventional materials, the stoves also come in toughened glass-top gas stoves. The models have multi-flame control and have long-lasting brass anodised black burners, cast iron grids and radio control knobs to give a professional and attractive look. Most importantly, they are designed to suit Indian cooking.