If you’re fussy about your home interiors, if you’re obsessed about every tiny detail, if you can’t seem to make up your mind about something, you are completely justified. Interiors are a reflection of the people who own them and we are here to help you put it together from the scratch. Whether it is plaster of Paris mouldings for pillars or ceiling corners and false ceilings, or concealed electrical and wire work, you can rely on us for your furnishing needs.

Then there are a host of flooring options in various styles and forms to leave your guests floored! Chic faux wood surfaces that exude warmth and marble floors that are the epitome of sophistication are just two examples. There are also countless options in ceramic, granite, onyx, porcelain, slate and stone. Of course, no furnishing is complete without furniture. We offer the whole range to suit all needs, spaces and budgets

The set-up of a living room revolves around the sofa, which is the centre piece. From all-wood sofa sets to plush leather, love seats, cane sets, Chesterfield sets, camel backs, tuxedo style, English or Club sofas or even Victorian and minimalist Scandinavian, you will be spoiled for choice. Once you zero in on your sofa, you can put together the rest of the paraphernalia. We have a similar wide range in centre tables, tea tables, side tables, entertainment units and dining sets for your personal spaces. Bedroom furniture such as beds, side tables, wardrobes, dressers, ottomans, futons? Yes, we have it all. Do request for a catalogue before you make your decision.